Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Review - Garbage (Toronto, ON)

Phoenix Concert Theatre
Toronto, ON
Monday, May 28, 2012

I must say that prior to Monday night I would not consider myself a fan of Garbage, although I knew the bigger singles but did not know what to expect going into this set at the Phoenix on a warm Monday night. Fresh off of their first studio release in seven years (Not Your Kind of People), Garbage rolled into Toronto for a solid, fan-pleasing evening.

Led by frontwoman Shirley Manson, who absolutely kicks ass, the band played an array of tracks from their discography allowing their sound to appeal to complete strangers (me), casual fans, as well as their most dedicated of followers. The energy never let up even while the band experienced technical difficulties before "I Think I'm Paranoid", as Shirley took some time out to socialize with the audience and doing an impromptu meet-and-greet with the crowd while revealing just how far some fans had some to catch them (Rita from Latvia, for example). After a shot of whiskey with fellow bandmates Steve Marker (guitar, keys), Butch Vig (drums), Duke Erikson and Eric Avery, the group tore into the finale of their 100-minute evening by wrapping up with "Push It".

Following a brief encore, the electric crowd demanded more from the band and more they got. After playing "Automatic Systematic Habit" the group played, for the first time in Canada, the 1999 James Bond title track "The World is Not Enough" before finishing up the evening with "Vow", making for quite the energetic conclusion.

Unfortunately I am not overly familiar with the band but I can certainly say that I will be checking out their catalogue because I am completely sold. The show delivered a set that never got dull and maintained a solid energy throughout, while sending everybody home happy. Definitely recommend.

Temptation Waits
Shut Your Mouth
Metal Heart
Stupid Girl
Why Do You Love Me
#1 Crush
Cherry Lips (Go Baby Go!)
Blood for Poppies
Man On a Wire
I Think I'm Paranoid
Bad Boyfriend
Only Happy When It Rains
Push It

Automatic Systematic Habit
The World Is Not Enough

Album Breakdown:
Garbage: 6
Not Your Kind of People: 4
Version 2.0: 4
Bleed Like Me: 3
Beautiful Garbage: 2
B-Side: 1
The World Is Not Enough: 1

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