Monday, 23 May 2011

Review - Arctic Monkeys (Toronto, ON)

Arctic Monkeys w/ The Vaccines
Kool Haus
Toronto, ON
Saturday, May 21, 2011

Set to release their next album on June 6th entitled Suck It and See, the Arctic Monkeys came to town on Saturday and for the third time in my life I was fortunate to check them out.

The band was far more cheerful compared to their last Toronto date in 2009 while on the tour for Humbug (that being a Tuesday night and not Saturday). Alex Turner (lead singer) interacted alot more with the crowd on this evening and felt looser overall. The new songs they played all seemed to go over quite well, though the old old stuff was definitely the most popular and energetic. When The Sun Goes Down was a huge hit during the encore with the crowd, and Brick by Brick improved quite a bit in the live setting.

As what tends to happen every so often, I was disappointed with the amount of annoying people I encountered during the last two songs. Meathead #1 moved directly in front of me for the encore and during When the Sun Goes Down was checking his phone while sorta fist-pumping (except with the fingers stretched out, y'know), clearly not knowing the song. I moved about 3 people to my right when I saw a gap, only to be standing next to a girl who yelled all of the words to Fluorescent Adolescent into my right ear.

Having said that, the show was certainly a good time and the crowd ate it all up. I noticed that some songs didn't seem as grim as they did last time (This House is a Circus, for one), perhaps it had something to do with the bands sound from the previous album going in a darker direction.

Opening the show were The Vaccines whose set was okay. I had higher expectations for them and was kind of hoping that they would be more fun. A few songs hit the mark but on the whole their set felt pretty repetitive. I've been told better things by others so perhaps I'll check them out at Lolla if the schedule allows me to.

Library Pictures
This House Is A Circus
Still Take You Home
Don't Sit Down 'Cause I've Moved Your Chair
Pretty Visitors
Teddy Picker
Crying Lightning
She's Thunderstorms
I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor
Potion Approaching
Brick by Brick
If You Were There, Beware
Do Me A Favour
The Hellcat Spangled Shalalala

The View From The Afternoon
When The Sun Goes Down
Fluorescent Adolescent

Album Breakdown:
Favourite Worst Nightmare: 6
Suck it and See: 5
Humbug: 4
Whatever People Say I Am,...: 4

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